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About us

Abbie’s Dog House on Belmont is a completely cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility in Dallas, TX. We are an owner run business that will always put our dogs first. Our goal is to make each of our clients feel like a part of our family. Everyone at Abbie's will treat your dog like they are our own! 


We are known for our huge outdoor play area as well as our large air conditioned indoor playrooms for our dogs to escape Dallas weather. Our yard is over 60 percent shaded with our large UV shades and permanent roofing along the back walls. Outside we also have picnic tables, baby pools, and misting fans for our dogs to enjoy. Dogs may be playing a round of fetch, lounging on a picnic table, or just enjoying the water but they all love spending time in the yard. 


Our dogs spend their mornings in the yard in 'big group play.' Depending on the weather they are brought inside and put into their small groups between 10 am-12 pm and while we sanitize our yard. After our yard is clean the small play groups rotate outside for yard time every hour! Big Group play starts again between 3pm-4:30pm depending on the weather. 

We always have experienced dog handlers present to supervise our kids at play. You may spy our handlers howling with the pack during 'Choir Practice', refilling our bowls and pools with fresh, clean water, scooping our yard clean, and having too much fun playing with the dogs. Our handlers are NOT temporary employees. Dogs are our passion and we only hire the most experienced handlers out there! Our job is to be your dogs best friend. We take our job very seriously! Want to see us in the yard? There's a window from the lobby so you can spy on us at pick up and drop off time! 

We are also known for our Facebook photos. We post over 100 photos of our dogs playing every day. Check out our Facebook page to see what our dogs are doing today!

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