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Your First Visit

We offer FREE 2 HOUR TRIALS for new dogs to come and check us out! You can also schedule a full day of daycare for your first day and receive a $5 discount!

Contact us to set up your free 2 hour trial or your first day! 

***What you need: For your first day you will need a client information sheet (fill out when your drop off or we will email you one in advance) and proof of current bordatella, distemper/parvo, influenza (H3N2) and rabies vaccines. You or your vet can email us proof of vaccines in advance or you can bring it with you. Please make sure your dogs vaccine records are with you or that they are emailed PRIOR to your first visit! For the safety of our dogs we cannot let dogs without current vaccines stay and play! 

What to expect after your first day: Especially if your pup hasn't been to daycare before they will likely be extremely tired. We do have a system that allows every dog plenty of breaks throughout the day but the first time in they don't understand the schedule or that they can nap and playtime will keep going afterwards! This level of exhaustion after daycare doesn't last long! As they get more fit and understand nap times it takes more and more playtime to tire them out. While it is uncommon larger dogs with lots of energy may have sore paws from running through our various yards and jumping off our picnic tables. We do have pad protector available to help their paws stay comfortable with the increased activity level. 

Please let us know if your pup is overly tired or has sore paws so we can give the extra breaks and apply pad protector! They are so excited to be with their friends they may not show these signs until they get home! 

Want to try us out for free? Schedule a free 2 hour trial! Call now or email us for more information! 

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