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Your First Visit

How do you Schedule a First Visit?

To get started we need to schedule a free 2 hour trial or first daycare day. The drop off time for weekday free 2 hour trials or first daycare days is always 7:30am. This way your pup can meet the other kids as they arrive at school instead of walking into the full pack! On your first day of school its never fun to be the last kid in the classroom. We also have Saturday trials at 10am, 10:30am, and 11am. Saturday trials do tend to book up faster than our weekday trials. To schedule just email us! Please include your pups age, breed, and whether you are looking for daycare or boarding in your email. Let us know what day would be good for you and keep in mind it may take several weeks to get in for your first visit. 

IMPORTANT: For holiday boarding we require 5 full days of daycare prior to boarding for all new dogs! 


*emails sent after 12pm may not be answered until the following business day. 

When you arrive! 

We will take your pup back to our acclimation yard and begin the process of making sure we have your paperwork filled out as soon as you arrive! Please keep in mind the 7:30am drop off time is GREAT for your pup but not so great for us humans. It is a popular drop off time and in addition to taking in daycare dogs we are still taking care of our overnight boarders! Your questions and concerns are important to us and we will be more than happy to answer them via email or over the phone as long as we aren't busy with the kids when you call! After we have your paperwork you are good to go. Want to see your kid? The acclimation yard and the big dog yard is right outside our lobby window! Check out what our big dog group is doing when they are rowdy in the mornings! 

Your pup will choose when they are ready to leave the acclimation yard and go out to our main yard. It can be scary at first but as soon as they make some friends they will be loving the space to run and play!

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Want a tour? Between 9:30am and 10:30am is the best time for a full tour! This is when all of our dogs are on big group play and we have a clear path to the back when the weather is good. 

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