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Boarding Tips

Drop off and pick up: For our boarding dogs to be comfortable and tired we prefer all boarders be dropped off by 3 pm on their scheduled drop off day. If you cannot make it by 3 pm please let us know in advance. Unscheduled drop offs after 3 may result in a $20 late drop off fee. For drop offs after 5pm there may be a $50 late drop off fee. There is no charge for dropping off early on drop off day! We want your dog to be tired at bed time! Daycare is included in the price of boarding including all day daycare on drop off and pick up days (so drop off early and pick up as late as you'd like). If you need to extend your boarding please let us know by your last scheduled boarding day so we can get your dogs room all set up before closing! It takes time for us to get our cage free rooms ready for boarders and to decide on sleeping arrangements so if we don't hear from you by closing time we charge an additional $10/ night for all unscheduled nights.

General Boarding Information: We highly recommend bringing your own food for boarding to avoid an upset stomach but we have plenty of food available here as well! To ensure we feed the correct amounts we also appreciate all food to come in 'pre-portioned' zip lock bags so we feed the exact amount you want us to feed for each meal. We have plenty of measuring cups and food bowls so no need to bring your own. We have many beds of all shapes and sizes available but beds from home are always welcome. We don't recommend bringing anything that is valuable and we don't recommend bringing toys or bones - we cannot guarantee their safe return! If you do bring beds, blankets, leashes, toys, bowls, measuring cups, or bones please label each item! Our dogs like to share so if your items aren't labelled it is more likely that they won't be returned. Due to limited storage space - items left at Dog House more than 5 days after boarding will become free game for the other dogs! 

Pre-portioned food guide: Pack each meal separately in a zip lock bag, put all bags into a larger bag or container for storage and transportation, pack extra food (your dog may burn more calories or your trip home may take longer than expected), labelling is great! If your dog is on medication or has wet food please do not put in the pre-packaged bags. We want to ensure dogs on medication swallow their pills and the dogs don't like the consistency of food that has been mixed with wet food if it isn't fresh. 

If your dog eats our house food or if you wish to bring their food in one container without pre-portioning no problem at all! We will prep and bag your dogs meals each day for an additional $3/ night. 

Other Services: We also offer bathing, nail trims, furminating, and we have a taxi service for pick up and drop off (taxis available Monday-Friday). Let us know if you would like to schedule any extra services for your pets stay! 

Don't forget to like our Facebook page 'Abbie's Dog House on Belmont' to see pictures of your kids playing while you are away:

If you need to cancel your reservation please do so at least 24 hours in advance or there will be a $20 cancellation fee. Failure to cancel holiday boarding or canceling holiday boarding within 48 hours may result in additional fees. 

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